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Dr. Rosenberg offers a 5-day intensive training workshop in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), the comprehensive, anatomically-based facial measurement system developed by Ekman & Friesen.


  • Learn in an efficient way the FACS’s coding methodology
  • Learn how to recognise, distinguish and how to perform specific Action Units and their simultaneous muscolar combination in the face
  • Knowing how to quantify and rate the intensity of any possible facial expression
  • Strengthen and develope the skills related to the observation of facial expressions connected to emotions or else


FACS has been used in a wide range of applied and basic research contexts, from research on emotion, communication, and psychopathology to health psychology and forensics.
The main professionals who can benefit from the methodology are:

  • Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists and Doctors
  • HR Managers, Sales and Marketing Experts
  • Counselors, Coachs, Trainers and Consultants
  • Lawyers and Judges
  • Security and Police Officers
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Journalists and Media Experts
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This workshop takes participants through the entire FACS manual and prepares them to take the final test for certification as a FACS coder (*: see the description below).
Traditionally, people have learned FACS via a minimum of 100 hours of self-instruction. The workshop offers a dynamic group setting for learning FACS in about a week, with the benefit of guidance and feedback from an expert. Previous participants report that this setting greatly enabled their ability to learn this rigorous measurement system. Please read this to determine whether FACS training is right for you before pursuing the workshop.

The Facial Action Coding System (FACS), first developed by Paul Ekman and Wallace Friesen in 1978 and revised by Ekman, Friesen, & Hager in 2002, is a comprehensive, anatomically-based system for coding all observable facial behavior.

As FACS coders describe every observable change in facial movement on the basis of AUs — they do not make emotion judgments. Rather, coders simply indicate which AUs moved to produced the changes observed in the face. FACS coders rely on direct observation of movement as well as observed changes in facial morphology; such as, furrows, creases, bulges of skin, etc., to make inferences about which muscles moved. Any interpretations made about what these changes mean occur post-coding. This is crucial, as it means FACS coding is quite objective. Coders need not interpret what a given event means or might convey. Rather, the coder simply uses AUs to describe the movements he or she saw. Indeed, the power of FACS stems from its descriptive nature.

Facial scientists often refer to a set of actions that occur on the face simultaneously as “facial events,” rather than calling them facial expressions. It is more descriptive. The word “expression” suggests that something from the inside becomes observable on the outside. Yet not every facial behavior expresses an internal state – most probably do not.

The FACS coder has a daunting task – to describe all facial events in terms of the AUs that comprise it. Slow motion and frame-by-frame viewing are required for this purpose, always alternating with real time viewing. As such, FACS coding is very time intensive. Fully applied, FACS coding takes on average 100 minutes to code 1 minute of behavior. The exact timing varies depending on how active the target’s face is and the complexity of the facial events.



Reservation is required: max. 20 persons
The Workshop is in English. It will be consecutively translated English-Italian and vice versa.

Investment: € 2000  + VAT (if applied) = € 2,440.00


Business Lounge – Milano

Viale Gran Sasso, 11 – 20131 Milano (MI)


5-9 October 2020
Timing: 9.00 A.M. – 5.00 P.M.

erika rosenberg

Erika Rosenberg

The most experienced facial expressions researcher, first Paul Ekman’s pupil, with whom she shared many researches and pubblications, like the manual What the Face Reveals, the main Facial Action Coding System scientific applications book.
Erika’s charismatic personality and extraordinary competence has inspired the creation of the character “Gillian Foster” (Kelli Williams), co-star with “Cal Lightman” (Tim Roth) on the famous “Lie to Me” TV drama (where Erika was appointed as scientific consultant).

The cost does not include the FACS Manual (which must be independently purchased before attending the course, and it is associated with a personal code number connected to the FACS Test) and the NEW FACS Test. To receive any information concerning the FACS Manual and NEW exam procedure (FT), you should contact Paul Ekman Group at the following links:

• FACS Manual: info

• FACS Manual: purchase and download

• FACS Test (FT): info

• FACS Test (FT): purchase and download


* All persons who receive education of FACS (both users: self-instruction student or group training participants) must undergo independently the FACS Test (FT) in order to became Certified FACS Coder. Each applicant must contact directly and personally Paul Ekman Group, in order to initiate and formalize their candidacy in doing the FACS Test, as Paul Ekman Group’s new procedure has established.

The described procedure is the one and only official way to achieve this international Certification.