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We help businesses to grow and innovate, navigating the profound transformations that will significantly shape development in the coming years. The major changes associated with work digitalization and a new ethics of relations are the main themes underpinning our numerous and complex proposals.


Analysis to promote change.

The consultant is a facilitator. They ACCOMPANY the client in DECISION-MAKING processes and in identifying optimal SOLUTIONS.

We help the client understand the events occurring in their environment, fostering AUTONOMY and a SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY.


Invest in the value and potential of people.

The most significant part of a company’s VALUE and COMPETITIVENESS comes from PEOPLE, their knowledge, experiences, BEHAVIOURS, and MOTIVATION.

The growth of people comes through a CUSTOM-DESIGNED training, from the definition of the GOAL to the choice of the most effective strategy to achieve it.


A development process capable of unlocking unexpressed resources.

Coaching is a journey through which the individual is “trained” to achieve personal and professional GROWTH GOALS.

In Coaching, the premise is self-knowledge and SELF-AWARENESS, of one’s resources and areas for improvement.

Where there is an acorn, the Coach sees the oak tree, they have full confidence in the development of people’s POTENTIAL and in everyone’s ability to FIND SOLUTIONS to achieve their goals.

Outdoor Training

Action-based training: emotions enhance learning.

Exploration, discovery, confrontation with wild nature were the ingredients of the first Outdoor Training program that sought to use a new methodology to UNLEASH latent POTENTIAL and INCREASE SELF-CONFIDENCE and trust in the group.

Today’s Outdoor training is not just an adventure in the environment, sometimes it’s a challenge on the plane of creative intelligence and organizational behaviours that use the body and emotions to CONSOLIDATE LEARNING.


Evaluate potential, anticipate the future, reward talent.

The Assessment Center (AC) is a METHODOLOGY capable of providing ACCURATE INDICATIONS about the predispositions, attitudes, SKILLS AND MOTIVATIONS of the people involved.

We OBSERVE THE BEHAVIOUR of participants during exercises that simulate the organizational reality in the Company.

The main objective of the AC is the ANALYSIS OF POTENTIAL which, unlike performance evaluation processes, identifies POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENT MARGINS regardless of the role, knowledge and experiences in place.


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