Assessment of the emotional profile and relational implications


Orientation is a continuous journey of PERSONAL AUTONOMY DEVELOPMENT and a valuable tool in building one’s SOCIAL IDENTITY.

A Path of discovery

Knowing where we are and where we are going has always been important, but it assumes a fundamental value in a rapidly changing world, where competence becomes the main strategic resource.

Guiding people in self-knowledge and their resources (experiences, aptitudes, competencies) is the foundation for reclaiming their value and defining a development project.

When It’s Useful

Undergoing a guidance process is useful when facing change or during a phase of unclear vision regarding one’s professional or educational evolution.

In these cases, the guidance process serves to define a goal and the related strategy.

The tools

The primary tool is the individual interview during which the guidance consultant acts as a facilitator: helping to transform aspirations and desires into a concrete project.

During the guidance activity, the individual is the protagonist, always active and at the center of the process.

The skills balance

The skills balance is a specific activity that allows for the construction of a professional project and path through systematic analysis of personal characteristics, conducted with structured materials such as tests, self-analysis sheets.

In some countries like France, it has legal value and allows recognition of acquired skills for career purposes.

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