Invest in people's
value and potential


The most significant part of a company’s VALUE and COMPETITIVENESS comes from PEOPLE, their knowledge, their experiences, their behaviors, and their MOTIVATION.

The growth of individuals passes through a BESPOKE training, from the definition of the GOAL to the choice of the most effective strategy to achieve it.

Making Things Happen

Making PARTICIPANTS THE TRUE PROTAGONISTS of their growth path: from design to active participation during the training intervention.

Build together with the participants THE METHOD THAT BEST FITS their context.

Support the company throughout the entire journey up to the VERIFICATION OF RESULTS.

The Value of the Group

The group dimension becomes the formative metaphor that allows the LEARNING EXPERIENCE to take place.

In the classroom activities, theoretical contributions, structured exercises, simulations, games, GROUP WORK are foreseen.

Group members become "tutors" among themselves, and training becomes a CONTINUOUS EXPERIENCE.

Most popular courses

OPTIMIZE THE METHODOLOGY of work for objectives and priorities.

Guide management towards a CULTURE CHARACTERIZED BY LEADERSHIP AND COACHING confirmed by real recognition.

Develop performance evaluation and self-assessment processes to MAKE DELEGATION ACTIVITIES EFFECTIVE.

The I&G Training Methodology


1. Identify the Objectives

Identification of company OBJECTIVES with the Management.


2. Harmonize and Motivate

Preliminary meeting with participants to HARMONIZE THEIR EXPECTATIONS with those of the company and motivate them by collecting practical cases from their daily reality.


3. Micro-planning

Definition of training objectives and MICRO-PLANNING of the intervention.


4. Construction of Methods

Execution of the training intervention during which participants are guided to the CONSTRUCTION OF METHODS that adapt to the context and their behavioral style.


5. Field application

Tutoring during the course: we accompany the participants to support them in the FIELD APPLICATION of what was learned in the classroom.


6. Consolidate the Results

Checks to deepen and CONSOLIDATE THE RESULTS obtained.


7. Periodic Report

PERIODIC REPORTING with the Company aimed at managing any changes.

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