About us

Boasting over thirty years of experience in Business Consultancy and Corporate Training, we are a network of professionals united by a single passion:

Developing PEOPLE’S SKILLS by giving value to EMOTIONS.

Attention and care towards people is our distinctive characteristic. This idea has always guided our projects, aimed at individual and group growth, to face the future with confidence, through a renewed awareness.


Persona Global

We are the Italian headquarters of Persona Global, an international organization that provides SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION programs for professionals and managers committed to developing their RELATIONAL and MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

The methodologies developed by Persona Global are the result of 30 years of direct field experimentation.

With over 1500 certified professionals in 70 countries, these METHODOLOGIES have been INTEGRATED and adapted to all the cultures they address.


Paul Ekman Group

We are the only Italian company authorized and ACCREDITED directly by PAUL EKMAN to disseminate his theories and psychological models in the field of emotional behavior and deception, the result of 40 YEARS OF RESEARCH and scientific discoveries.

Through the international network of the Paul Ekman Group, we deliver international certification courses on EMOTIONAL SKILLS and non-verbal communication (ESaC), and on ASSESSING CREDIBILITY of the interlocutor and the truthfulness of the facts (ETaC).


Innovazione e multidisciplinarietà

Over the years, we have invested and developed our ability to innovate and integrate different skills and professions, expanding our range of services thanks to the MULTIDISCIPLINARITY of our working team.

The content of our training courses is based on the latest international scientific research to ensure the QUALITY of our interventions.

Internationally, we represent a benchmark for companies and institutions that deal with BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS.

We are partners of the Italian Academy of Forensic Sciences for the diffusion and development of psychological methodologies and models on facial expressions analysis, emotions recognition in the forensic field, and VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION.

Together with Persona Global, we offer our clients greater objectivity in ASSESSMENT projects through updated tools for BEHAVIORAL and MOTIVATIONAL analysis resulting from 30 years of research and direct field experimentation.

We have established CONTRADE, a network of companies that operate in the field of business consulting services through an INTEGRATED APPROACH to create value and help clients consolidate their LEADERSHIP.

We are ISO: 9001:2015 certified in EA 37/35 sectors.


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