Research paths on topics of
specific interest


Reality is faster than any attempt to classify it.

Our thematic seminars are the RESPONSE TO SPECIFIC NEEDS that emerge from daily relationships with our CLIENT COMPANIES.

A reasearch path

Every day we meet people who want to UPDATE THEIR SKILLS or delve into topics of their interest, even outside their business area.

Thematic Seminars are a response capable of combining a rigorous approach to individual topics together with DYNAMIC AND ENGAGING forms of learning.

The value of the “spontaneous” group

The spontaneous group that is created during these meetings can be defined as a COMMUNITY OF INTERESTS.

Individual research paths meet, giving life to a NETWORK OF RELATIONSHIPS that generates dynamic forms of learning. These often continue to live and interact even after the seminar has concluded.

The I&G methodology

LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE is the essence of our method.

Seminars are ACTIVE LEARNING WORKSHOPS that aim at full involvement of the participants.

The different sessions are preceded or accompanied by exercises (games, videos, role playing, simulations) with the purpose to dynamically build the theoretical reference scenario.

Upcoming seminars

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