The first coaching school
which develops the EMOTIONAL SKILLS
through a MODEL of coaching
based on the research of PAUL EKMAN,

the world’s leading expert on the physiology of emotions.


The first coaching school
which develops the EMOTIONAL SKILLS
through a MODEL of coaching
based on the research of PAUL EKMAN,

the world’s leading expert on the physiology of emotions.


Emotional awareness underpinning change

L’essenza di un processo di coaching è il cambiamento. È il cliente, insieme al coach, a definire l’obiettivo all’interno di questo metodo di evoluzione personale. La consapevolezza che ogni singolo passaggio di questo percorso avviene nella relazione è l’aspetto più importante del nostro approccio.


Emotions generate

And so, we arrive at the heart of our proposal: the awareness of what happens in the coachee’s emotional world represents the turning point of our model. The emotion uses the body as a theater, and a prepared coach can help to feel, and give voice to this representation, because nothing better than emotions is capable of generating the change process.

Obviously, all this becomes feasible only by accepting to start from the awareness of one’s own emotional world, an element that, in our opinion, is essental in the skills of a coach.


Unlocking unexpressed resources

Emotional-behavioral coaching is a process of change that unlocks unexpressed resources, thanks to the conscious use of one’s emotions, and that allows you to achieve your goal in harmony with your values, optimizing time and resources, learning new things about oneself, respecting one’s uniqueness and autonomy, and with results that are maintained over time“.

During the course, ICF skills are developed through experiences that integrate a solid theoretical structure with constant “on field training“.

The emotional blocks that hinder change are brought to light during the coaching process and, through cognitive and bodily work, they are functionally channeled to promote authentic personal growth.

A coaching path that also takes emotions into consideration promotes a change in the coachee’s mindset and reduces the time required to achieve defined objectives.


The program of
the coaching school

The program is aimed at all those who wish to develop the coaching profession, but also at professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who want to specialize their emotional skills to support the development of other people.

The school consists of a basic course and an advanced course, for a total of 168 hours of synchronous training (lectures, online webinars) + 3 hours of individual mentoring with an MCC coach. In addition to the contents, the program includes numerous practical activities that allow you to experience what you have learned.

The cost for the basic course is € 3,700.00 + VAT, while for the advanced course it is € 4,700.00 + VAT. There is a reduction equal to 10% of the total investment for those who enroll in both courses immediately. The program has limited enrollment (maximum 12 participants).

There are 3 payment tranches: 1/3 upon ordering, 1/3 at the beginning of the basic course, 1/3 at the beginning of the advanced course.

In case of cancellation communicated by registered letter AR with at least 14 days’ notice from the start date of the event, I&G Management S.r.l. will retain the deposit as reimbursement for administration costs and nothing else will be due to the Company.

For notices less than 14 days, I&G Management S.r.l. will charge the entire registration fee.

Substitutions of participants are allowed up to the day before the program begins, if communicated in writing.

At the end of the course, a certificate of competence will be issued.

The program is LEVEL 2 accredited with ICF – International Coaching Federation.

The trainers – Coach ICF

Diego Ingrassia

CEO of I&G Management and coach with MCC level in ICF

Patrizia Sangalli

Coach with PCC level in ICF

Valentina Gentileschi

Coach with ACC level in ICF


Lesson schedule

Basic Course

26/01/2024 | 09-18 | Introduction to Skills
Introduction to the school. ICF skills and values. The coaching process.

27/01/2024 | 09-18 | Establishing Trust and Building the Relationship
Presence in coaching. The ethical code. Trust and the fundamentals of the relationship.

21/02/2024 | 17-19
Webinar – a practical case of coaching

01/03/2024 | 09-18 | Creating Awareness
Values, vision, and motivational drivers.

02/03/2024 | 09-18 | Direct Communication
Introduction to the “TEST” method: defining the objective. The power of language.

20/03/2024 | 17-19
Webinar – a practical case of coaching

05/04/2024 | 09-18 | Physiology of Emotions
What are they for, what are the universal triggers, how do they work, and how do we recognise them.

06/04/2024 | 09-18 | Active Listening and Empathy
TEST method – exploration of resources

Coaching practice.
10/05/2024 | 09-18 | Advanced Technique of Powerful Questions
TEST method – tools to facilitate the search for resources and obstacles

Coaching practice.
11/05/2024 | 09-18 | Facilitating the Growth of the Coachee
Follow up ICF skills. TEST method – define the action plan and celebrate progress
-Coaching practice.

14-15/06/2024 | 09-18
Final exam with individual feedback

Advanced Course

26/06/2024 | 17-19
Webinar – The principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

12/07/2024 | 09-18 | Emotions as a resource in the coaching process
Coping strategies

Coaching practice.
13/07/2024 | 09-18 | Coaching potential
Positive psychology: Seligman’s model

Coaching practice.
15-16/07/2024 | 1.5h per person
Mentoring with Diego Ingrassia (MCC)

13/09/2024 | 09-18 | Coaching practice
Coaching sessions and personalised feedback

14/09/2024 | 09-18 | The body does not lie
Listening to emotions in our body

Coaching practice.
18/10/2024 | 09-18 | Resilience and stress management
Learning to resist in order to start again

19/10/2024 | 09-18 | Coaching practice
Practical application of the model – supervision and progress monitoring

28-29/10/2024 | 1.5h per person
Mentoring with Diego Ingrassia (MCC)

15/11/2024 | 09-18 | Designing the coaching offer
Tripartite meeting and coaching contract

16/11/2024 | 09-18 | Team coaching
TEST method – in group dynamics: improving collective performance

27/11/2024 | 17-19
Webinar – The coaching market – how to position yourself and brand

13-14/12/2024 | 09-18
Final exam and verification of PCC markers


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