"The real voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes"


The ideas thath guide our work



Learning that starts from action and emotions represents the best opportunity to innovate our knowledge, overcome resistance, and generate new ideas.



Putting the individual at the center through the creation of training projects aimed at the development of individual awareness.



The challenges of the future will increasingly ask us to “change skin”, to modify our behaviors, we need to acquire new skills and knowledge: we must “learn to learn”.

Our principles

Centrality of emotions

The trainers at I&G Management offer expertise in recognizing emotions and managing relationships. Those who participate in our courses experience the possibility of learning in an atmosphere of positivity and trust that can generate empathy.

Learning by doing

“Learning from experience” is the essence of our method. The seminars are active learning workshops that aim at the full involvement of participants. The different sessions are preceded or accompanied by exercises (games, videos, role-playing, simulations) with the purpose of dynamically constructing the theoretical reference scenario.

Design Thinking

Each training proposal is designed based on the specific needs of the customer, in order to enhance professional tradition and company brand, while innovating and developing the professional and relational skills and abilities of people.


How we conduct our programs

Listening to the experience to grasp real needs

Every I&G intervention is preceded by a preliminary meeting with the Company Management, during which the major training objectives are defined, in accordance with the specific and precise needs posed by the client.

Subsequently, our consultants organize a meeting with a representative selection of participants, aimed at deepening expectations and needs and collecting concrete cases useful to customize the intervention program addressed to them.

Taking care

Throughout the journey and for the following 60 days, participants have the opportunity to have a direct comparison with the trainers thanks to a tutoring service via email or telephone.

This service allows for discussion on any areas of interest and the analysis of situations to be managed.


From our approach arise
two important collaborations

Persona Global

Since 2004, we have been the Italian headquarters of Personal Global, a multinational company that provides specialist certification programs for professionals and managers committed to developing their own relational and managerial skills. The methodologies developed by Persona Global are the result of 30 years of research and direct experimentation in the field, disseminated by 1500 certified professionals in 75 countries.

Thanks to scientifically validated surveys and adapted to the culture of the countries they are aimed at, Persona GLOBAL Italy’s workshops represent a concrete and reliable point of reference in the field of soft skills learning. Professionals and managers who participate in our courses receive methods and support to develop their own relational and managerial skills, values, and competences that can be transmitted in a simple and effective way to their own team. A valuable added value, to make a difference in an increasingly demanding, multicultural, and globalized market.

Paul Ekman

Since 2011, I&G Management has been the official representative and the only Italian company authorized by Paul Ekman to deliver international certification courses on emotional competences and credibility assessment.

Through the international network of Paul Ekman Group, I&G disseminates the theories and scientific and psychological models studied by Paul Ekman, the world’s leading expert on emotional behavior, non-verbal communication, credibility, and behaviors related to lying expressed through the 5 Channels of Communication:

  • Body Language
  • Facial expressions
  • Voice
  • Verbal content
  • Verbal style.


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