Types of outdoor training


The types of Outdoor Training are chosen and personalized based on the specific goals of our Clients. To share a project CLICK HERE AND CONTACT US



In the splendid setting of the Dolomites, participants will learn how to build an igloo. They will need to coordinate to complete the operations by sunset, when they will retire to spend the night in the newly built “ice house”. “Igloo Teamwork” is a beautiful Team Building experience, unique of its kind.

Movie Form Lab

Encourages individuals and groups to step out of their usual patterns to find innovative solutions, promoting the learning of new models through physical experience.



Participants become chefs for a day with the task of preparing a complete dinner. From appetizer to dessert, each dish will represent the values and contents explored during the training path. Creativity, communication, organization, and stress management will be the true ingredients for a successful recipe.


Learning something in a short time is possible, and this type of outdoor training proves it. Participants will have to practice a new musical instrument, and then become part of a single ensemble that can only be harmonious if the musicians know how to listen and coordinate with each other.


Getting on stage for the first time is always a unique experience. The realization of the theatrical performance becomes an innovative moment capable of promoting communication between participants and training. The scenic approach involves participants firsthand, activating the mind, emotions, and body simultaneously.


Participants abandon their role to take on the role of a film crew with the task of creating a short film capable of enhancing and conveying the theme of teamwork. Creativity and individual ability become elements of sharing on which to structure the group’s communication and collaboration. From script to scenography, everyone will contribute to making a successful film.


Manager on the rock

Born from the encounter of two seemingly very distant activities but which reveal many similarities: management and mountaineering. The proposed activity draws inspiration from the training of mountain rescue teams: it is the simulation of a rescue on the wall. From this original synthesis, a training action aimed at developing distinctive competencies in the area of Teamwork, Problem Solving, and Organizational Integration arises.

Tree experience

The different teams will have to face a route that includes: rope bridges, stairs, descents with pulleys on cables, and other difficulties. At the same time, they will have to solve some problems together, monitor the various steps planned by the program, the timing, and the level of precision in performing the tests.


Living in such a small environment like a boat can have an influence on the quality of relationships established in the group. To overcome the challenges that the sea and wind present, a strong team spirit must be developed in order to collaborate and cooperate effectively. It will be a useful experience for strengthening teamwork, where the division of roles will be crucial.


Pure adrenaline, strategy, and teamwork, these are the winning ingredients in this activity. Participants will have to overcome their limits on a path of jumps, obstacles, and dives in a canyon, alone with their instinct and the support of their team.

Scuba Diving

Dive into a new world to overcome your limits. An experience to test yourself with the support of your team, a source of motivation and security. Through a journey along the seabed, participants will gain awareness of their behavior and strengthen trust in their colleagues.



Social utility and enhancement of the company image are the elements that guide the activity. The company will indeed be the promoter and sponsor of the creation of a playground. Participants will work firsthand on the design and construction of the park: from their hands and thanks

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