Cooperation & Beyond™

What it is

Cooperation & Beyond™ provides the tools to build, consolidate, and maintain quality relationships, offering the opportunity to acquire and put into practice the fundamental skills to work constructively and more effectively with different interlocutors both at an inter-functional and intra-functional level. The course is focused on improving the cooperation process necessary to develop high-quality collaborative relationships.


Cooperation & Beyond™  allows you to:

  • understand the strategic value of cooperative dynamics in every context

  • promote individual awareness of one’s abilities

  • improve the ability to build, consolidate, and maintain quality relationships, even in complex contexts

Designed for professionals at all levels, the course is aimed at those who play a role of coordination and want to implement their skills to build and manage relationships in the professional field.

Research and field application have allowed to outline three main primary practices:

  • how to promote and support cooperation within relationships

  • how to understand the real needs and points of view of people involved in the relationship

  • how to build trust within the relationship


Cooperation & Beyond™ is a two or more-day workshop for up to 20 participants. Methodological references and practice integrate within it through an intense and interactive set of exercises aimed at bringing out the key factors determining the quality of relationships, including one’s propensity to grant trust, take risks, and understand the needs of the other. Starting from the questionnaires (surveys) completed by selected colleagues, the workshop participant will receive a profile useful to understand how he is perceived by others and will be given guidelines to obtain more cooperation and support from the people he collaborates with.

  • The workshop is divided into 6 modules:

  • the importance of building quality professional relationships

  • the phases of relationship development

  • understanding the needs of interlocutors

  • the development of trust within a relationship

  • the skills necessary to promote decision-making

  • the definition of the individual action plan


Cooperation & Beyond™:

  • provides a proven methodology and the necessary tools to improve relationships

  • offers suggestions to implement behaviors that promote greater cooperation from those whose support is necessary for decision-making in the work context

  • promotes understanding of negotiation dynamics in order to have more success in reaching a shared agreement

  • allows defining a structured action plan based on the skills acquired during the workshop and aimed at achieving a competitive advantage

  • allows a measurement and quantitative analysis of your skills through questionnaires completed by selected colleagues (survey)


Robert C. Parker, C.P.M. & John A. Carlisle  
Co-authors: Cooperation & Beyond 

Since 1982, Robert Parker advises major American and European clients on how to develop mutually more advantageous relationships with key customers, suppliers, carriers, and other strategic partners. He collaborated for 25 years with Ford Motor Company and International Harvester as Purchasing, Logistics, and Facilities Manager.

John A. Carlisle, through his Sheffield-based approach, applies the models underlying organizational behavior to help the business world be more attentive to human capital, productivity, and profitability.

Customers of Cooperation & Beyond™

Cooperation & Beyond™  è stato testato e validato in contesti professionali reali con le seguenti aziende nell’ambito della gestione di importanti trattative negoziali:

  • Chevron
  • Shell
  • Exxon
  • Steelcase
  • Monsant


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