What it is

Leadership™ enables you to learn a methodology to improve your individual leadership style, by acting on your own performance level. The training program enhances the ability to clearly and consistently communicate business goals and guide collaborators in the direction the company intends to follow, in line with the organizational strategy.


Leadership™ allows you to:

  • acquire the tools to clearly communicate business objectives in order to maximize the investment of resources in the expected direction
  • promote the creation of an organizational context in which people are encouraged to be promoters of the company’s mission and vision
  • learn how to translate business strategy into projects and activities and assign them the correct priority.

Designed for managers who manage a network of collaborators, the workshop focuses its attention on the concrete business needs of the company and the level of performance implemented by the individual manager. It takes into account performance rather than personality, actions rather than the subjective characteristics of leaders. Thanks to structured feedback, managers acquire the necessary tools for a significant and rapid improvement in their performance and to face future challenges with greater confidence.


Leadership™ is a two-day workshop and is aimed at managers who have at least three collaborators. Starting from the questionnaires (surveys) completed anonymously by collaborators, the workshop participant will receive a profile useful for understanding how their ability to communicate the direction to follow, motivate the team, and lead towards the achievement of a goal is evaluated.

The workshop is designed to improve the leader’s performance by enhancing their individuality and integrating new skills into their personal management style. By defining concrete actions to be undertaken, managers will learn how to enhance the ability to:

  • clearly communicate objectives and vision

  • recognize and reward collaborators

  • support their development and be a role model



  • promotes performance improvement through the acquisition of leadership tools useful for making the achievement of objectives and the productivity of managed departments more effective

  • helps to share a common vision of work, business needs, and the results that are desired to be achieved together

  • allows the definition of an action plan structured on the basis of the skills acquired during the workshop and aimed at achieving a competitive advantage

  • allows a quantitative measurement and analysis of one’s skills through the questionnaires completed by collaborators (survey)


Dr Donald T. Tosti & Stephanie F. Jackson
Co-authors: Leadership

Dr. Donald T. Tosti is a universally recognized teacher as one of the pioneers in the study of methodological approaches based on performance systems for organizational effectiveness. He has provided his consultancy in a wide range of organizational change programs for American and European companies.
Stephanie F. Jackson, Senior Partner at Vanguard, specializes in performance and organizational assessment and the design of change programs based on behaviors and skills.

Leadership™ Clients

Leadership™ has proven to be one of the most effective training programs in the last 30 years for improving relational and managerial skills. Companies that have most recently used the program include:

  • Alliant, Tech Systems
  • Kellogg Company
  • Groupe Schneider
  • Sheraton Hotels
  • McCormick & Co.
  • Oracle Corporation


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Persona GLOBAL® is a worldwide provider of assessment tools and methodologies for businesses, specializing in change-oriented leadership, communication, organizational alignment, sales, customer service, and management. Persona GLOBAL®’s surveys and methodologies are currently available in over 70 countries; its programs have been translated into 38 languages. More than 1,400 Persona GLOBAL® certified professionals worldwide support their clients as strategic business partners.

Some companies that have benefited from Persona GLOBAL®’s programs:

  • BMW
  • Mitsubishi
  • Disney
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hitachi
  • Applied
  • Materials
  • Dell
  • Computer
  • IBM
  • Alcatel
  • Motorola
  • British Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • Credit Suisse
  • American Express
  • SONY
  • Music Entertainment


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