Management Action Profile™

What it is

Management Action Profile™ is an innovative 360-degree assessment tool, performance-based and designed to measure the performance of managers in areas concerning crucial and fundamental activities for managerial success and team effectiveness. Management Action Profile™ is a valid and reliable survey, the result of extensive empirical research that began in the late 1980s. Since its inception, MAP has been used in a wide range of training courses and consulting by many companies and organizations of different sizes and sectors.


The model and practical activities that make up Management Action Profile™ are aimed at the accurate measurement and evaluation of three major behavioral macro-areas that can characterize the manager’s behavioral style:

Performance Universal Applications / Resource Management Pragmatic Recommendations.

Management Action Profile adopts a 360-degree approach to the behavioral evaluation of the manager, divided into eight performance areas:

  • Leadership Personal organizational skills
  • Cooperation and motivation
  • Information and communication
  • Process of constant improvement
  • Development of potential and abilities
  • The use of power and authority
  • Cross-sector cooperation


Management Action Profile™ is a structured and reliable survey in probing the manager’s behavioral styles. The punctual measurement of the manager’s performance in quantitative terms makes it easier to identify the areas for improvement to be implemented.

The MAP focuses exclusively on observable and crucial behaviors for the manager’s work performance and his team.

Management Action Profile™ allows you to:

  • motivate managers by offering them a detailed and 360-degree overview of their managerial styles, allowing them to improve their leadership skills and re-inspire them to change and innovation
  • provide personalized coaching activities for managers based on data emerged from the survey and centered on performance
  • build a communication channel between executives and other members of the organization, at various levels
  • create internal consensus in the company and in the team regarding the objectives set by the manager and the concrete behaviors to be undertaken to achieve them.


Storytelling for Leaders allows you to:

  • improve the ability to influence without using an authoritarian style
  • improve the ability to create rapport with interlocutors through the sharing of stories, useful to decrease skepticism and to better predispose the other to tell his in turn
  • improve rhetorical skills and expository clarity in order to adapt to different types of listeners (choose the right stories to tell depending on the audience)
  • make the leader’s communication clearer and make concepts easily memorable, stimulating to action
  • manage to argue your theses in an extremely engaging way for the other, creating alignment and sharing a common point of view


Jean-Benoit Parat & Francois Pham  
Partners and Consultants, Open’ Act 

Sales Competency Assessment™ was developed by Open’ Act in Paris (France), a consultancy firm led by Jean-Benoit Parrot and Mr. Francois Pham – two industry experts who have conducted extensive research in the evaluation of sales competencies in various sectors over the last 15 years. Open’ Act is the home of Persona Global’s European Office, LCD and official partner of Persona GLOBAL products.

Customers of Management Action Profile™

  • Alcatel Telecom (High-tech, France)
  • AXA (Assurance Bank, Finance & Insurance, France)
  • Bausch & Lomb (Chemicals & Industry, France)
  • Eli Lily and Company (Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology, Belgium)
  • Eli Lily and Company (Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology, Switzerland)
  • Epson (Computer/Electronics, Thailand)
  • General Electric (Bank, Finance & Insurance, France)
  • Hana Semiconductors (Computer Hardware, Thailand)
  • Rothmans (Manufacturing/Durable Goods France, U. K.)
  • Siam Fibre-Cement Co. (Manufacturing/Durable Goods, Thailand) 


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Persona GLOBAL® is a worldwide provider of assessment tools and methodologies for businesses, specializing in change-oriented leadership, communication, organizational alignment, sales, customer service, and management. Persona GLOBAL®’s surveys and methodologies are currently available in over 70 countries; its programs have been translated into 38 languages. More than 1,400 Persona GLOBAL® certified professionals worldwide support their clients as strategic business partners.

Some companies that have benefited from Persona GLOBAL®’s programs:

  • BMW
  • Mitsubishi
  • Disney
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hitachi
  • Applied
  • Materials
  • Dell
  • Computer
  • IBM
  • Alcatel
  • Motorola
  • British Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • Credit Suisse
  • American Express
  • SONY
  • Music Entertainment


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