Performance Leadership

What it is

Based on 30 years of productivity research, Performance Leadership is a methodology that provides managers with concrete strategies that allow them to become top leaders capable of engaging and driving their team towards high performance and success.


Performance Leadership allows you to:

  • set the necessary conditions to optimize performance
  • set performance measures and standards to meet customer needs and respond to market changes
  • establish the actions to be taken to ensure consistency in performance and achievements
  • promote continuous improvement through the definition of objectives and individual training or coaching activities
  • encourage and reward the best performances
  • plan team building activities and individual coaching to ensure high performance and achievement in the company.


Performance Leadership consists of:

  • Performance Leadership Workshop: a training course capable of providing leaders with specific skills and techniques that can be immediately applied to any area of the organization. The course can be conducted in two days, or divided into two modules deliverable over time. The Performance Leadership workshop is a training course that provides content that can be applied to every sector and productive area,

as it provides universal principles that can be immediately applied to every professional context to develop competence and high performance aimed at success.

  • Performance Leadership Profile (PLP): is a survey used for leader assessment on Leadership style. The result of years of research and experiments on large reference samples, PLP is currently the most updated and requested survey by multinationals in the field of behavioral technology aimed at high performance.


Performance Leadership:

  • provides a methodology to increase the effectiveness of your Leadership in every type of context
  • the survey proposes a new evaluation tool for the Leader, and probes in depth every behavioral and value component
  • significantly enhances the global skills of the Leader and makes him more effective in his communication, in motivating the team, and guides him to consistently achieve optimal performance and achievements that lead to success.


Martin Wikoff, Ph.D. Author : Performance Leadership, Managing Performance, Managing First Class Service, PRIDE, Breakthrough Account Analysis™

Martin Wikoff, P.h.D. is a psychologist, researcher, trainer, and recognized authority in the field of organizational development, productivity improvement, and behavioral technology. His extensive expertise has made him one of the world’s leading experts in behavior, and he has been a trainer and consultant for nearly 30 years. As former executive vice president of Persona GLOBAL®, Dr. Wikoff is now the author and worldwide technical reference for the Performance Leadership, Managing Performance, Managing First Class Service, PRIDE, Breakthrough Account Analysis training courses of Persona GLOBAL®, which focus on optimizing human behaviors in an organizational environment.

Persona GLOBAL® is a worldwide provider of assessment tools and methodologies for businesses, specializing in change-oriented leadership, communication, organizational alignment, sales, customer service, and management. Persona GLOBAL®’s surveys and methodologies are currently available in over 70 countries; its programs have been translated into 38 languages. More than 1,400 Persona GLOBAL® certified professionals worldwide support their clients as strategic business partners.

Some companies that have benefited from Persona GLOBAL®’s programs:

  • BMW
  • Mitsubishi
  • Disney
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hitachi
  • Applied
  • Materials
  • Dell
  • Computer
  • IBM
  • Alcatel
  • Motorola
  • British Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • Credit Suisse
  • American Express
  • SONY
  • Music Entertainment


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