Storytelling for Leaders

What it is

Each of us needs new and effective methods to influence, engage, build rapport, and motivate people to act. From leaders to project managers, from sellers to consultants, from trainers to HR: we all need to influence, engage and inspire others, so that our ideas are heard and remembered. The Storytelling for Leaders Workshop focuses on these skills. It helps leaders enhance their Storyteller abilities (charismatic and inspiring speakers), increasing their communicative effectiveness, both in public speaking and at a personal and professional level.


The Storytelling for Leaders Workshop focuses on three main challenges:

  • ensure that messages make a breakthrough (attract attention);
  • influence behavior (inspire and motivate)
  • be understandable (consolidate in the memory of others your story or your vision).

Storytelling for Leaders will teach you a systematic methodology capable of making you effective and confident narrators, deeply incisive in communication,

and skilled in motivating and influencing with narration:

  • Story-triggering involves leaders doing something remarkable enough that people talk about it in the company, which fascinates and inspires
  • Story-listening is the art of reproducing stories, based on experience. This helps create rapport and establish solid relationships. It also allows you to gain greater awareness and attention to detail.


The Workshop is business-focused, and is extremely practical and designed to provide skills that can be immediately applied in professional and personal life. This workshop will teach you:

  • Communication techniques – how to make your message “unforgettable”
  • Overcome the listener’s closure attitude – how to change the behavior of others using INFLUENCE STORIES
  • Build rapport through CONNECTION STORIES
  • Insight and empowerment – how to intercept interesting stories to tell through STORY LISTENING and SENSEMAKING
  • How to convince, engage and retain customers through CLARITY STORIES
  • Communicate company values and vision through SUCCESS STORIES.


Storytelling for Leaders allows you to:

  • improve the ability to influence without using an authoritarian style
  • improve the ability to create rapport with interlocutors through the sharing of stories, useful to decrease skepticism and to better predispose the other to tell his in turn
  • improve rhetorical skills and expository clarity in order to adapt to different types of listeners (choose the right stories to tell depending on the audience)
  • make the leader’s communication clearer and make concepts easily memorable, stimulating to action
  • manage to argue your theses in an extremely engaging way for the other, creating alignment and sharing a common point of view


Shawn Callahan
Fondatore di Anecdote 

Shawn Callahan is the founder and current Director of Anecdote Pty Ltd, a management consulting firm that supports companies in making their marketing and communication campaigns effective, through the targeted use of narratives based on the Storytelling for Leader method.

Customers of Storytelling for Leaders

  • Thiess  Microsoft
  • Shell
  • Nab
  • Bhpbilliton
  • Transport Accident Commission
  • Delta Electricity
  • Rio Tinto
  • IBM
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • KPMG
  • Bayer
  • Suncorp Bank
  • AMP
  • Csiro
  • Origin

Case Study

Enhance Yammer’s communication style and increase the company’s appeal to potential new customers.

Yammer’s Management was trained in the contents of Storytelling for Leaders and a cycle of supervision and consolidation activities of the method was carried out, in order to immediately make the learned content usable and applicable.

Yammer CSM now usually uses stories and anecdotes in its presentations. It has increased its customer base and implemented its Sales sector, with high levels of loyalty. Yammer advises

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  • Music Entertainment


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