Organizational Alignment Survey

What it is

Organizational Alignment Survey will examine your employees in order to identify the degree of alignment with the company’s direction and objectives, probing perceptions and behaviors related to 12 key areas that influence business results. Unlike standard questionnaires that simply report data, OAS provides a broad and detailed overview of each professional’s adaptation to the company’s Vision and Mission. Its system also offers practical and useful advice to promote internal alignment in order to create greater harmony between teams and management.


Organizational Alignment Survey

  • identify useful methodologies to transform the company strategy into high and targeted performance

  • align company performance with customer needs

  • accurately probe, through a complete survey, the perceptions and opinions that occur among employees

  • strengthen the brand’s appeal
  • adopt clear and shareable reference standards

  • align employee performance with the company’s Mission and values

  • identify training or consulting paths to adopt to intervene on areas of improvement to be developed

  • motivate the employee to best face change

  • monitor and track progress over time (follow-up and repeated measurements)


Organizational Alignment Survey promotes alignment between company, people, products, and processes, in order to meet customer needs in a productive and effective way. An aligned organization is characterized by:

  • having a clear understanding of the direction to follow in a shared and harmonious way

  • identifying and being proactive in pursuing the Vision, Mission and identification with the values of their brand

  • within the company, communications are transmitted effectively, both vertically and horizontally

  • internal processes, procedures and systems are aligned to customer needs

  • the work of employees is seen as a value-added of extreme relevance for the company, and is evaluated attentively and objectively, rewarded for achieving the set goals

  • quick adaptation and updating to new needs that emerge in the world of business.



Organizational Alignment Survey:

  • through the graphs emerged from the survey, companies can compare themselves with the top performer in their sector

  • the quantitative data emerged from the survey are immediately understandable, easily shareable to delve into every detail

  • the online platform on which the survey is based allows rapid feedback output, and is consultable 24/24h 7 days a week through the Online Assessment Center

  • the data can be stored and verified by each participant or by the department manager, in order to identify areas of improvement to be developed in the team

  • a variety of graphs, tables, and detailed statistical reports are available in output, and provide a complete and exhaustive overview of the alignment between the company and the productive team


Shaun Smith  
Senior Vice President, Forum

Senior Vice President of Forum, a reputable international company specializing in customer service management, empowerment, quality control, organizational management, and with a focus on business change. Mr. Smith has over 30 years of experience as a consultant for large companies and specializes in customer service development and training. His expertise and consultancy have been used by multinational companies such as: Westin Hotels, Prudential, Microsoft, Toyota, Disney, Ferrari, Inter-Continental Hotel, SmithKline Beecham, British Airways, Leo Burnett, and Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.

Customers of Organizational Alignment Survey

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Leo Burnett
  • Walt Disney
  • General Casualty
  • Inchcape Testing Services
  • Crown Motors (Toyota)
  • Hong Kong International Terminals
  • Toyota

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Some companies that have benefited from Persona GLOBAL®’s programs:

  • BMW
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  • Disney
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hitachi
  • Applied
  • Materials
  • Dell
  • Computer
  • IBM
  • Alcatel
  • Motorola
  • British Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • Credit Suisse
  • American Express
  • SONY
  • Music Entertainment


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