20 June 2023

Storytelling increases oxytocin and positive emotions and decreases cortisol and pain in hospitalised children

Research Article: View ORCID ProfileGuilherme Brockington,  View ORCID ProfileAna Paula Gomes Moreira, Maria Stephani Buso,  View ORCID ProfileSérgio Gomes da Silva,  View ORCID ProfileEdgar Altszyler,  View ORCID ProfileRonald Fischer, and  View ORCID ProfileJorge […]
2 May 2023

You and the anger problem

Anger can be useful Anger is not always destructive   Are you worried that you have a problem with anger? . We should not try to […]
3 April 2023

Dealing with emotional triggers

Although emotions have evolved to help us, there are times when our emotional responses are no longer functional for a variety of reasons. The triggers of […]
3 October 2022

Personal motivation: how to recognise and communicate it

Knowing how to identify and recognise the motivational levers that guide our own choices and behaviour and that of our interlocutors is fundamental to growing ourselves […]
23 May 2022

The New – or rediscovered – Horizons of Education

ARTICLE BY PATRIZIA SANGALLI – Published in HBR column “Formatori&Formazione” issue of May 2022 Over the last thirty years, we have witnessed the emergence of training […]
16 May 2022

Non-verbal communication

What is non-verbal communication?. Non-verbal communication is an umbrella term used to describe the general act of conveying information in ways other than verbal language. This […]
7 April 2022

Staying human pays off: why our intelligence is (still) superior to that of machines

Massimo Berlingozzi – pubblicato su Persone e Conoscenze (ESTE) dicembre 2021 Ci vuole qualcosa di più che l’intelligenza per agire in modo intelligente (Fëdor Dostoevskij) Il […]
4 April 2022

Communication and awareness in the age of digital work

Article by Massimo Berlingozzi – Communication and awareness in the age of digital work – HBR March 2022 https://www.hbritalia.it/mondo-formazione/2022/03/21/news/comunicazione-e-consapevolezza-nellera-del-lavoro-digitale-15244/ It is not easy to summarise in […]
4 April 2022

The Power of Storytelling

An editorial insert by Massimo Berlingozzi-The Power of Storytelling” – Harvard Business Review Italy – March 2022 Storytelling has very ancient origins, its earliest written evidence […]


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