20 June 2023

Storytelling increases oxytocin and positive emotions and decreases cortisol and pain in hospitalised children

Research Article: View ORCID ProfileGuilherme Brockington,  View ORCID ProfileAna Paula Gomes Moreira, Maria Stephani Buso,  View ORCID ProfileSérgio Gomes da Silva,  View ORCID ProfileEdgar Altszyler,  View ORCID ProfileRonald Fischer, and  View ORCID ProfileJorge […]
17 May 2023

Emotional competences in sales

BRUNO VACCIANO, HBR MAY 2023: https://www.hbritalia.it/mondo-formazione/2023/05/29/news/le-competenze-emotive-nelle-vendite-15560/ The great preparation and knowledge for business set him apart from others. Educated, always up-to-date on current issues, he often […]
2 May 2023

You and the anger problem

Anger can be useful Anger is not always destructive   Are you worried that you have a problem with anger? . We should not try to […]
12 April 2023

Education, ChatGPT and the luddites of the third millennium

Online article Mondo Formazione by Massimo Berlingozzi, April 2023: https://www.hbritalia.it/mondo-formazione/2023/04/12/news/formazione-chatgpt-e-i-luddisti-del-terzo-millennio-15498/   It may seem like something very distant to evoke an event we studied in school […]
11 April 2023

Persuasive Communicator

Harvard Business Review Editorial Insert April 2023 PERSUADING OTHERS THROUGH WORDS is a goal rooted through centuries of history. From the time of Cicero to the […]
11 April 2023

The 8 facial expression styles

Paul Ekman talks about theeight styles of facial expression in his book ‘Down with the Mask’. What is your style?   (1) Dull: the face of […]
3 April 2023

Dealing with emotional triggers

Although emotions have evolved to help us, there are times when our emotional responses are no longer functional for a variety of reasons. The triggers of […]
28 November 2022

Emotional awareness and managing uncertainty

Interest in the emotional dimension is growing steadily in the world of organisations. There was a time when managers were required to leave emotions out of […]
25 November 2022

Burnout: Coaching can help prevent it

The Burnout Syndrome is a particular form of work-related stress, predominantly associated with activities characterised by strong relational exposure in difficult situations. Examples often mentioned include: […]


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