20 December 2021


Article by Massimo Berlingozzi – “EDUCATING TO RESILIENCE” – December 2021_Mondo Formazione_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW The End of Work is the title of a 1995 essay by […]
9 December 2021

The Importance of Coaching in Management Training

E’ passato circa un anno dalla nostra ultima intervista esclusiva al dott. Diego Ingrassia, esperto di analisi emotivo comportamentale, Master Coach accreditato dalla International Coaching Federation (ICF) […]
15 December 2020


Article by Massimo Berlingozzi – “FOR A SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP” – December 2020_Mondo Formazione_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW On 9 December, the magazine Nature published a research report, which […]
3 December 2020

A new mandate for the future of organisations

Article by Patrizia Sangalli – “A NEW MANDATE FOR THE FUTURE OF ORGANISATIONS” – December 2020_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW The debate on the role of the HR […]
5 November 2020

Transforming distance into relationship

Article by Valentina Gentileschi – “Transforming distance into relationship” – TRAINERS & TRAINING – November 2020_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW Of the many activities that had to be […]
5 May 2020

Agility management

Articolo di Patrizia Sangalli – “Agility management“ – Maggio 2020_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW La prima volta che ricordo di aver sentito usare l’aggettivo “agile” riferito al contesto […]
6 April 2020

A smile for everyone

Article by Diego Ingrassia – “A smile for everyone” – April 2020_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW The path to recognising emotions as an essential component of our intelligence […]
2 April 2020

Rethinking communication in the age of intelligent machines

Article by Massimo Berlingozzi – “Rethinking communication in the age of intelligent machines” – April 2020_UNIVERSE CONSULTING_HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW “THERE ARE MORE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE […]
9 March 2020

Smart Working

“Smart Working” – MARCH 2020_ Article by Massimo Berlingozzi_LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT An article recently appeared in Bloomberg explaining how the world’s largest ever Smart Working experiment […]


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